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Eling Sailing Club is a RYA Recognised Training Centre offering training and qualifications in dinghy sailing and power boating.

Young sailors are offered about a dozen sailing sessions throughout the season and they progress at their own speed through the qualifications offered. The instructors endorse the student log-books as each skill is mastered and each level attained and the Centre Principal will issue RYA certificates. A succession of young sailors have begun their sailing experience at Eling since the Training Centre was first recognised in 1998. Some have become instructors themselves.

Individual adult club members liaise with instructors to construct their own schemes, training when time, tide and weather are favourable. The fully qualified Instructor Team are all volunteers so the costs involved are limited to Safety Boat fuel and the price of a RYA certificate if required. Members should discuss more formal weekend courses with the Centre Principal.

The club fleet includes two safety boats, three Leaders, two Visions, three Picos and a Laser.

The RYA currently recognises the club to offer the following courses:

Dinghy Courses

Dinghy Level 1 - Start Sailing

Dinghy Level 2 - Basic Skills

Dinghy Level 3 - Better Sailing

Dinghy Day Sailing

Dinghy Seamanship Skills

Dinghy Sailing with Spinnakers

Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 1

Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 2

Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 3

Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 4

Powerboat Courses

Powerboat Level 1 Course

Powerboat Level 2 Course

Safety Boat Course

Theory Courses

First Aid Theory Course: Classroom

    Eling Sailing Club
    Eling Hill, 
    SO40 9HF